Join our super Affiliate program from reibiza and earn a commission for sharing exclusive articles from our market.

What is reibiza?

reibiza is the only online market in Ibiza & Formentera.
It is a market where, to a large extent, you can buy unique and handcrafted products from market vendors and artists from the islands of Ibiza and Formentera.

Who can take part?

reibiza offers many unique products that attract a diverse audience.
In principle, registration is open to everyone, although all applications will be studied since there are some profiles that cannot participate (discount and coupon sites, for example).

Take the time to read our Affiliate Policy for more details on who can participate. Affiliates will only be able to post affiliate links on social media channels that they manage in line with their website URL, such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

The responsibility is that of the affiliate when publishing content outside of reibiza. It is the responsibility of the affiliate to follow the policies of each site regarding affiliate links. If you have doubts, write to us. 

Can I be a seller and an affiliate at the same time?

The answer is yes!

Reibiza sellers can be part of the Affiliate program. However, they cannot earn commissions on the sales of their own stores or those of stores with which they may be related, in one way or another.

We understand “relatable stores” as stores in which the reibiza seller has an economic / financial interest or maintains a material connection, such as a bank account or shared credit card, with the seller's own store.

This is a wonderful opportunity to earn commissions while promoting other Reibiza stores and introducing new products to your community. In the end, we try to support each other.

To sign up for our Affiliate program, you must:

Declare the names of your stores that you own or with which you have a close relationship by email or WhatsApp

If you have questions write to


Commission structure at

€ 2 for the registration of another seller to the annual or monthly plan that exceeds the 30-day free trial period.
Remember that these are the conditions to be a seller on, so the commission will not be paid to sellers who do not meet the requirements established by the administrators of the market.
The commission is not valid in case the user signs up for the free plan.

5% on the sale price (VAT excl) of the item (excluding canceled orders or returned items and shipping costs)

30-day cookie period

Commissions are awarded for each sale that meets the conditions. Returns or sales cancellations are not included. These are the reasons for which the commission payment could be rejected: Order canceled, returned, error in payment, violation of the terms of the program, duplicate order, product out of stock.

** Please note that no commissions are paid for gift card purchases


Send us an email to to request a banner from us with the measures that best suit you. 

Link generator

You have two ways to generate income through our affiliate program. In your dashboard, once registered, you can generate a unique link with a code that is associated with you.

Insert the following link to SELLER REGISTRATION: and use the Affiliate URL that is created for you with your unique code.

Yes, join a product, use the link for that product and generate the affiliate URL.

Use of the reibiza brand

If you need it, we can send you our logos through the mail.
The color we use is # 74a599

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