What does it mean to buy merchandising from reibiza, the Ibiza & Formentera online market?

Merchandising for a 100% online platform is essential and we give you 3 compelling reasons for you to take one of our products:

1. Reibiza sets the price of its products a 2 € more expensive than the cost of production to create a fund and donate the money raised to local associations from the islands of Ibiza & Formentera (shipping costs not included). In other words, we don't keep anything, we want to help those who need it most. The NGOs with which we will collaborate will be ecological NGOs for the preservation of the waters of Ibiza and Formentera or social NGOs such as Caritas.

2. You help to make the market more real. In a virtual world like this, any product you buy and use will help all artisans and vendors gain visibility.

3. You are going to buy a super cool and quality item!

We greatly appreciate your involvement with NGOs, artisans, and with the islands of Ibiza & Formentera. The hippy market grows a little more every day thanks to the grain of sand that we all contribute together. 

Buy an item from us of the flea market or one of merchandising is, without a doubt, the best way to help and support the platform

Choose what you like the most:

We want to make a special mention to @gefe, the person who believed in our platform from the beginning, graphic designer, and responsible for creating our corporate image that fits perfectly with the spirit of the islands.

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