What is the difference between Boho and Hippy (Hippie)?

Would you know how to differentiate a Boho style from a Hippy one?

The truth is that both the Boho style and the Hippy style are two genres that could be confused, but there is quite a difference in the origin of these two styles. But do not worry because with this small publication we are going to explain how Hippies differ from Boho.

The first thing we have to do is understand: What is being a Hippy? Y What does the Boho style mean?

What is being a Hippy?

As you know, the hippy movement dates back to the 60s in America. The first thing that comes to mind is long hair, flowery dresses, bare feet… However, there is much more than just one look. The hippies livedn in a community and demonstrated against the Vietnam War, against the big systems and the most conservative values. Today, being a Hippy is much more than that. Being Hippy means knowing how to live with less, not being absorbed by all the stimuli of today's society and being connected with what is natural and essential. Hippy culture is full of love, music, a bit of rebellion, a lot of respect and common sense. 

The best known Hippies

Hippies followed influential people with strong ideals about the economic, political, and social situation. The best known, without a doubt, was John Lennon, founding member of the Beatles and great English activist. We leave you here a list of great influential personalities in the Hippie movement.

John Lennon
Michelle Phillips
Bob Dylan
Carly simon

Precisely, we have named Carly Simon for being a great precursor of the transition or mutation from the hippy world to Boho-Chic.

What is the Boho movement?

The boho style is a very interesting trend halfway between the gypsy style and the Amerindian culture. Boho is a lifestyle that emphasizes the natural and a certain desire for independence; You know this little wild and free side like the air that lies asleep in you!
Natural elements are mixed with robust materials and a touch of spirituality. Therefore, you can use wood, vegetation (succulents and cacti type), feathers, stones (turquoise type, onyx, coral ...), silver color, pearls, raw fabrics.
The boho they are just the new cool slime. Boho means "Bohemian", or rather Bohemian of soho, a New York version of our Bobos with less organic and ecological aspects. The Boho woman has a hippie chic look. Mix the clothes of the big brands with those of the 70s flea market, a luxury bohemian.

And the markets, what do they sell? Hippy or Boho?

When you have well-defined styles is when you can break with the established ones. That is why, now, styles are mixed because many artisans dare to mix styles. Combine hippie elements with more boho elements and at least create authentic wonders. 

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