At reibiza, we care about the well-being of our community, our islands and we are committed to giving visibility to all NGOs that seek funding to help and improve our world at the local level.

We invite you to discover our merchandising section in which 100% of the profits from merchandising sales go to NGOs. It is our responsibility to take care of the islands to keep them so beautiful.

Who do we collaborate with?

Its main mission is to ensure that the seabed of Ibiza is emptied of materials and heavy garbage, of great tonnage and that only professional divers can do, since they are the ones who really have the technical knowledge and the necessary infrastructure to do so.

What has motivated the platform to carry out this project above all is the responsibility that we must have to future generations.

On the other hand, the platform is committed to being a school of learning and awareness, for which they will make visits to schools so that they become aware of the importance of preserving natural spaces and the environment. They make presentations, publicizing the world of scuba diving, contributing science to the subject, knowing the fauna, flora, animal care and how to protect it. Your care and the way to protect our marine ecosystem.

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